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"First up, just to say what great fun it's been working with Holly! Our Regency sea front apartment in Ramsgate had a lot to offer, but needed a huge stylish makeover and upgrade to bring it up to our requirements! And boy, that's exactly what Holly did! She conducted the whole makeover with such enthusiasm, energy and fun, bringing an elegance and refinement to all the spaces. Every decision she made was correct, and the sourcing of everything, from light switches and door knobs to the colour palette was spot on! You know that thing when you go out for a meal with friends, and order your food, then it arrives, and you see someone else's meal, and you think.... "I wish I'd ordered that...." That's what Holly gave us - an amazing apartment that we could never have realised on our own. Thanks Holly!!"



"Holly listened to our thoughts and gently encouraged us to look at styling alternatives outside our comfort zone. The end result is a house we love with a professional input we simply would not have achieved on our own. I would highly recommend Holly as a vibrant stylish and innovative designer who has a lot to give."



"Holly is highly competent, efficient and fun to work with. We are so thrilled to have worked with Holly to transform a modern white box into an inviting, cosy home. Holly is no doubt on the top of our list of interior designer recommendations. After an introduction call, Holly could already articulate very clearly the vision we hoped to actualise for the flat. Holly then translated this understanding to an initial concept with a mood board and furniture selection. Not only she delivered this document in a week, but also the concept was comprehensive with clarity, thoughtfulness and style that tie the whole place together. Holly elevated the space with harmonising and contrasting shapes, materials, textures and colour coordination.

We are also impressed by Holly’s ability to establish trust in a short period of time, by consistently delivering on time and providing top-notch aesthetic combinations. In short, Holly’s work was above and beyond what we’d hoped to achieve both stylistically and logistically. Thank you so much Holly. We look forward to working with you on future projects."


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"Absolutely excellent! Holly and the team were knowledgeable with both traditional and contemporary spaces. As well as keeping a refined, chic and high-style look, Holly was able to continuously adjust plans to suit the traditional style needs of the property, which created an excellent balance. Holly offered an efficient, fun, and quality service. Her knowledge of products and creative floor plan designs were just what we needed. It was great to have Holly’s expertise to fill you will confidence when make those all important decisions. I would definitely recommend Holly & really look forward to working with her again on a future project."

Kirsty & Tom,


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"Holly is a dream! We worked with her on the redesign of our Edwardian home in Broadstairs. We are first-time buyers with no furniture (as had previously been renting in a furnished flat), and Holly sprung at the chance to help us define the vision for our 3.5 bedroom family home. From beautiful furniture to top-notch design of joinery, creating a surprise bespoke bar and understairs cupboard that can fit a future family cat, working with Holly has helped us clarify our vision, make smart and cost-effective choices, and fall even more in love with our home.

We'd recommend Holly if you have a single room to redesign, a tricky small space that you don't know what to do with, or if you want to overhaul the look and feel of your entire home. Her aesthetic is both modern and vintage, trendy and classic, and she really takes the time to understand what her clients are after and who they are as people. We couldn't recommend her more!"



"Holly took on board and understood the brief she was given to bring up to date a whole historic house and managed to transform it. Light was introduced, along with the required storage facilities and the occasional quirky touch. She was able to source the ideal fittings, and suggested colour schemes which suited perfectly and enhanced the whole property. The only drawback now is deciding which room is the favourite: invariably it has to be whichever room you are in."



"To kick the project off we used Holly Christian from Plucked + Stuff Ltd as our designer as we had become bored and disillusioned with the computer aided drawings regularly served up by the usual bathroom companies. She produced some radical designs which were completely in tune with our thinking and followed through with recommending and sourcing the fittings and advice on the colours and textures."


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